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Travis Foutz  1981-2017

    Travis began playing the trombone in band in the 5th grade and then at the age of 13, he got a black Fender electric guitar kit which was “all that he ever wanted”. With only 2 formal guitar lessons, he began to write and create music on his own. He excelled with the guitar and played the electric guitar for jazz and pep band. He also played the trombone in concert, symphonic, and marching band. 

Travis played his guitar in many bands throughout his young life as his quest for creating music continued. 

Friends have said “He was an inspiring man, an amazing friend, and always there when you needed a laugh!” Also “He was known for his dimples, warm spirit, and unmanageable excitement.” 

Travis was inspired to capture the moment by showcasing his creative talent through music. He was amazing  and watching him on the stage or just playing one of his many guitars on the porch made you want to learn an instrument and be just like him. 

Unfortunately, he was taken too soon from this life and it is the wishes of his family and friends to see others have an opportunity to pursue their musical dreams as he did. 

Travis Foutz