We are in need of Classical Acoustic Guitars.


"Thank you so much for recognizing my son and his talent in music. He is truly blessed by the Foutz Foundation. "

~Rebecca Meiswinkel 

"Words cannot express how thankful we are for your generous gift. As you know, music plays a large role in many students lives, but access to music has been limited in schools. Your gift has made it possible for more students to explore and pursue music in their lives. 

Thank you" 

~Jason Gruetzmacher 

"Thank you so much for the guitars. We love jamming with our students."

~Ms. Dempsey

"Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the EGMS Guitar Club. "This opens up opportunities  for students that would not be possible without your gift. Thank you for your kindness."

~Chad Lowe 

"Think you for the kind donation. We really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing our kids play. "